2012.10 Lecture / IFI (Institute for the Fashion Industries) Business School

2011.11 ARIGATO Project Exhibit of Bench / Tokyo Designer’s Week

The Bench which Kids from Iwaki Izumi Junior High Schhol in Fukushima made in our workshop last month was exhibited in Tokyo Designer’s Week.


2011.10 Lecture / East Gathering Seoul


2011.06 Lecture / Kyoto University of Art and Design

2010.05 Lecture / Musashino Art University

2011.02 spinoff Field Trip / Hasegawa Museum, Ginza


2009.02 Symposium / JCD “g:local” / Kudan Kaikan

2009.07 Lecture / RIC DESIGN INC.

2005.11 Lecture / TOTO “Designer’s Talk” / TOTO Technical Center

2008.05 Lecture / Osaka University of Art “Design Forum” / Osaka-shi Chuo Kokaido

2005.12 Special Lecture / Vantan Design Institute

2002.11 Lecture / Daiko Electric co., ltd.“Core Talk in Osaka” / Osaka

2001.07 Lecture / “neo CONCEPTION2001” / KOIZUMI IZM

2001.11 Special Lecture / Vantan Design Institute

2011.09 Kids Workshop / Iwaki Izumi junior high school, Fukushima

On 28th of September, Kids workshop was held at Izumi junior high school in Iwaki, Fukushima for 30 students as a part of Arigato Project, and we made benches for communities.
All the benches which student made will be placed in their local communities in Iwaki city, such as train station, hospital and city hall.